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MacroGeo is the first global independent research provider organically combining macrofinancial and geopolitical analysis by adopting an original heuristic approach that is both systematic and holistic.

Client Focus

MacroGeo aims at becoming a primary source of global advisory services by producing tailored research for asset managers, financial intermediaries, national and supranational institutions as well as non-financial corporations.

Independent Analysis

MacroGeo’s ultimate goal is to produce high-end analysis and advisory services, while preserving its independence. To this aim, all profits will be reinvested in the company's core activities or stored as capital reserves.

Expert Advisory

MacroGeo can rely on resident analysts and a global network of experienced contributors, each with a proven track record of excellence in their respective fields of expertise.

Recent Nexus Analysis


Why empires are not a good bargain

Why empires are not a good bargain

Trump’s election is the by-product of America’s imperial fatigue. But will the U.S. resign from being the world’s only superpower? And are any of its competitors ready to take over?


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