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MacroGeo is a global independent research company providing geopolitical analysis.

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MacroGeo aims at becoming a primary source of global advisory services by producing tailored research, consulting, education and training for investors and non-financial corporations.

Independent Analysis

MacroGeo’s ultimate goal is to produce high-end analysis and advisory services, while preserving its independence. To this aim, all profits will be reinvested in the company's core activities or stored as capital reserves.

Expert Advisory

MacroGeo can rely on resident analysts and a global network of experienced contributors, each with a proven track record of excellence in their respective fields of expertise.


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The sea does not wash the shores of Italy

The sea does not wash the shores of Italy

Influenced by Europeanist rhetoric  suggesting that it should cling to the Alps so as not to fall into Africa, over the years Italy has come to see the Mediterranean only as an element of vulnerability. In the meantime other powers have been dominating the Mare nostrum. It is only by rediscovering a Mediterranean vocation that Italy can pursue its strategic goals.

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