How We Work, What we offer

Fully integrated macrofinancial and geopolitical analysis

MacroGeo provides value by investigating the nexus between recent macrofinancial developments and long-term geopolitical trends.

Exclusive advisory services for selected clients

MacroGeo's experts around the globe, with a proven track record of academic and professional excellence, offer tailored advice by frequently interacting with a selected client base.

Extensive network of global contacts

Our management, advisors, contributors and resident analysts all have vast and extensive networks of contacts in the policy environment, in academia, in financial markets and the world of business ensuring that content is always up to date with the latest critical developments.

A continuously evolving network of contributors

To ensure the highest quality of service over time, our network of contributors is continuously enriched by the arrival of new contributors, each with “boots on the ground” in their respective fields of expertise.

Views on long term issues and strategic thinking

MacroGeo offers an original perspective on the key strategic issues affecting the world economy.

Understanding of short-term, sentiment-driven dynamics

At the same time, our network of experts, advisors and resident analysts has a deep understanding of short-term developments and turning points that can change the course of events over the medium term.


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Heuristic approach


Macrofinancial variables are impacted by the geopolitical environment. Only a fully-fledged heuristic approach allows an understanding of such interactions.

Picture from: Vercelli, Keynes and Lucas, Methodological Foundations of Macroeconomics, Cambridge University Press (1991)

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