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America’s promises and Turkey’s weakness

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Why Ankara’s acceptance of Washington getting cozy to the Kurds is a clear show of weakness


The Pentagon allegedly assured Ankara that it will take back the weapons it's been handing out to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a predominantly Kurdish militia, once the fight against the Islamic State is over.

Turkey, on its part, has signaled to trust the US and might soon receive a running inventory of all the weapons Washington has given to SDF.

However, preposterous assurances aside, in the near future the US intends to use Syrian Kurdish fighters against Ankara by threating to have them reach for their fellow compatriots living in Anatolia, this way making Turkey’s main strategic nightmare come true.

Erdogan understands America’s intentions all too well but has no choice at this point rather than waiting the Americans (and the Russians) out so as to try to extend its influence over Syria and possibly Iraq.

Hence, Ankara’s apparently sincere acceptance of Washington getting cozy to the Kurds.

Quite the contrary, a clear show of weakness.

Especially considering that Washington won’t leave the Middle East any time soon.