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Iran’s Reformists reject Tillerson’s call for regime change

Middle East

Imperial countries tend to overcome internal divisions if faced with an external enemy


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently expressed America’s support for a peaceful transition of government in Iran.

However, Tillerson’s brazen statement – which confirms MacroGeo forecasting that the Trump administration would resort to a conventional American narrative  - is less important than it seems.

The US lacks the power to spur regime change in Iran and even if it did harness such power the Pentagon would most likely oppose the plan.

Anyhow, Iran’s most prominent Reformist figures, including those who have been in prison for a long time, have promptly and boisterously objected Tillerson’s posture.

Reformist leaders wrote an official statement accusing the US of sowing chaos in the Middle East: «one of the major causes of crisis in our region is the interference of foreigners, especially the US government».

Reformists’ disapproval of Tillerson’s words reminds us of how imperial countries, such as Iran or the US itself, tend to overcome their internal divisions if faced with an external enemy.

No matter their ongoing internal fights for power.