Alessandro Tentori

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Alessandro Tentori is responsible for Rates Strategy at MacroGeo. He has worked in the field of economics and finance for over 20 years. In his previous positions, he spent almost 10 years as the head of European Rates Strategy and as a prop trader at BNP Paribas, before being appointed Managing Director at Citigroup in 2012 with responsibility for International Interest Rates Strategy. Because of his previous roles, Alessandro has an in-depth knowledge of international bond markets, having maintained a large network of private and public sector investors and issuers for years. Furthermore, he specializes in and frequently publishes on topics such as liquid fixed income markets, monetary policy, market micro-structure and European financial regulation. He holds a PhD in economics and mathematics from Vienna University for his work on complex systems in economics and is a IIASA alumnus. Alessandro speaks five languages and currently resides in Genova (Italy).