Andreas Schalla

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Andreas Schalla is a European economist at Macrogeo, focusing his attention on German and euro-area macro and geopolitical research. In cooperation with other economists and geo-strategists, he covers contemporary events and relevant economic developments in the euro area and their global impact.

Prior to joining Macrogeo, Andreas advised domestic and international investors on strategic investment planning and market outlook. As an independent advisor with both a Greek and German background, he has worked closely with private and corporate clients, with special focus on the Greek debt crisis since 2009.

His track record with institutional investors includes a three-year period with the euro-area fixed income and economic research group at JP Morgan in London. During this time, a few of his responsibilities included short and long-term macroeconomic projects and the modelling of macrofinancial series. The All-Europe Fixed-Income research team he worked for was voted as one of the best in the Institutional Investor´s survey in 2004 and 2005.

Andreas was awarded a BSc (hons) in economics by the University of Surrey´s School of Human Sciences’ Department of Economics, as well as a BA in Philosophy and Economics by Basel University , Switzerland. He is fluent in German, Greek, English and French.