Arlind Rama

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Arlind Rama is the contributor on south-eastern Europe at MacroGeo. An economist specialized in banking industry he has a wealth of experience in the private and public sectors with research interests focused on fiscal and monetary policy, financial markets, strategic investments, competitiveness and investment climate, public administration reforms and public finances management. Arlind is co-founder of the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance IPPM, a think-tank based in Tirana with an extensive network of partners in the Balkans. He served as Councillor and chaired the Finance Commission in the Municipality of Tirana and is engaged in policy-making debates on economic governance and key economic reforms under the scope of the Berlin Process assisting the Albanian Government.

Arlind holds a Master of Science in Financial Economics from City University London, where he studied as a Chevening Scholar, supported by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He graduated in Finance and is a PhD Candidate at the University of Tirana where he also lectures. Arlind is an expert on regional macroeconomic and geopolitical analysis for important international institutions with focus on south-eastern Europe.