Dario Fabbri

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Dario Fabbri is chief geopolitical analyst at MacroGeo. He is an international analyst, whose areas of expertise include the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. He is member of the Scientific board and America editor at Limes, Italian review of geopolitics, regular contributor to Conflits, a French review of geopolitics, and to Gnosis, an Italian intelligence review, and member of the Italian Society of Military History.

Dario Fabbri is a teacher of Middle Eastern geopolitics at the Department of Information Security (DIS) school in Rome and a lecturer on geopolitical narrative at the Holden School in Turin. He is also a journalist, and writes a weekly column on international affairs for Swiss Italian Television (RSI). He has been a regular columnist for Italy Daily, the Italian supplement to the International Herald Tribune. His articles on international affairs and geopolitics appear in numerous Italian and international newspapers and magazines.