What Macrogeo can do for you

Advisory Services

Analyst Direct

Discuss latest market developments and long-term geopolitical trends with our experts at your convenience, from your desk or in person.

War Games and “Presidential Briefings”

Experience how macrofinancial and geopolitical events unfold when leading a country and its most relevant policy institutions as well as how a head of government would be briefed by his or her closest advisors.

Advisory for Governments

If you are a governmental or public sector organisation, request our independent advice on key policy decisions, be they fiscal, monetary, macro-prudential or strategic.

Seminars / Roundtables

Participate in highly-interactive meetings with a more select group of clients and prospects for an update on the most relevant global themes.

Speaking Engagements

Invite our experts to speak at your events, such as annual company meetings, quarterly investment committee meetings, product presentations to clients and investors.

Macrofinancial and Geopolitical Diligence Check

Check with our experts on the macrofinancial and/or geopolitical conditions of a country, a region or an asset class before making an important investment decision. Our top-down, heuristic approach is particularly indicated as a cross-check for bottom-up decision makers, such as private-equity companies.


Attend a presentation made to a large audience, at times with incumbent and past policymakers, to discuss latest developments on the global macrofinancial and geopolitical scene.

Written Production

Big-Think Pieces

The latest long-term views from our leading experts, setting the trend for macroeconomics, policy, politics, geopolitics and financial markets views.

Travel Journals

Full immersion in a country’s macroeconomics, policy and geopolitics with market implications for key asset classes.

Central Bank Impressions

Our latest views on what key global central banks will do at coming policy meetings and over the relevant policy horizon.

Scenario Analyses

A “what-if” approach to the hottest and most complex issues of the moment, with attached probabilities.

Market Strategy / Asset Allocation

A view on the implications of the latest market events and long-term geopolitical trends for key asset classes (rates, FX, equity).

Position Papers

A normative discussion by our leading experts on the most relevant issues in the policy and political debate.

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